Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Elephant in the Living Room

Did recently some graphics for Global Canopy in Oxford, a bunch of fellows that try hard to show the rest of the world that stopping forest burning around the planet will eventually help us reduce dramatically those notorious carbon dioxide emissions whose mere reference evoke images of Al Gore speaking to dazzled audiences (and his dvd selling like hotcakes), Dubya being completely chimpanzoid about it and giant tsunami waves engulfing skyscrapers and the statue of Liberty.

Was asked to come up with a temporary launch page for their website and a layout/design for a pdf report they needed to post on it before Monday the 14th of May, when an article on the very subject would eventually appear on the first page of The Independent . So it did, and it seems that the Global Canopy people got a rewarding amount of much deserved publicity. Check out the video in their website - those flying chimpos are the cat's pyjamas.

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